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ROCKSTAR Recording Studio Parties has been throwing the coolest parties for over 10 years in Fort Lauderdale, catering to everyone in South Florida and beyond.  We are a real recording studio during the week recording for TV and radio, voice-overs, artists and bands.  On the weekends we have events of all kinds from kids parties, adult parties, bachelorette parties and sessions for rising rockstars.



What happens at the parties for kids?


Fun happens!  The kids get to play professional studio instruments such as drums, electric guitars and keyboards while the adults take advantage of all the photo opportunities!  We’ll then have some fun in the control room and explain the recording process.  Then we’ll bring them out into the live room in front of the microphones and each singer will get their headphones.

They’ll sing 3 songs together as a group (that way no one has to be nervous).  If the birthday child is brave enough, he/she may sing a little solo.  After the three songs, they get to listen to what they’ve recorded and there will be a little photo shoot in the control room.


Then it’s time for the pizza party and a little relaxation (which never lasts very long).  We’ll then bring out the cake, take some pictures and all sing Happy Birthday!  Afterwards, we’ll have a fun photo shoot of the birthday star with the guitar, headphones, microphone, feather boas, sunglasses… you get it. 


The studio will then turn into their own nightclub, glow-in-the-dark dance party complete with an awesome lightshow.


It’s a blast from beginning to end, fully produced and perfectly timed.  No one ever wants to leave, but that’s always a good sign.  We take photos throughout the party and you’ll receive them at the end via an email link.  You’re obviously welcome to take your own as well.



How old do the kids have to be?


The perfect ages for these parties are for kids 8-13.  We have a lot of Sweet 16 parties as well.  Children under the age of 5 are generally not allowed unless they are siblings of the birthday child.  Toddlers are not allowed just because of the nature of the studio.  There are a lot of pretty lights and buttons, the instruments are heavy, and the children need constant supervision.  We realize sometimes you have to include family members who are younger, but just know that they must have an adult holding their hand the entire time and they are not allowed to play the instruments.  This is for their safety more than anything.  The other thing is, younger kids tend to need a lot of attention and take the focus away from the birthday child.   We want that birthday girl or boy to have the spotlight the entire party!  This is our most important priority! 



Can all of the parents stay and watch?


This is a “drop-off” party, but we realize that sometimes parents must attend with their child for various reasons.  We ask that there be no more than 8 adults.  We want those 8 people (or less) to be the family members of the birthday child, not the parents of every guest.  We are a real recording studio and there is limited space.  We want the kids to be able to have as much room as possible!  We understand that the other parents want to watch their own kids record.  It’s cool, we get it.  For the best party possible though, it’s best if there are fewer guest parents.



Where can parents go when they drop off their child?


There are many places surrounding our studio.  Down the street is Funky Buddha Brewery.  They have a great menu and indoor/outdoor seating.  There is also Primanti Brothers Pizza, Flanigan’s, Starbucks, Coral Ridge Mall with a Target, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods and pretty much anything else they could want.  Although we are in the business district, we are in the middle of everything.



Can we show up early to decorate?


The studio is ready to go as soon as you walk in the door.  It is fully decorated and party-ready.  There is no need to bring anything.  Therefore, the door will open sharply at your start time.


What do I need to bring?


The kids.  Please bring the kids.  We’ll take care of everything else!


Can we bring extra food for the adults?


Short answer – no.  You may, however, order more pizza for them at $15.00 each (8 slices).   There isn’t enough counter space for platters and other food.  Adults will usually have a piece of cake as well.

What happens at adult parties? 


Anything you want!  Well, almost anything.  We’ll be there for you to cue the music, help with the recording and make you all feel like rockstars.  You get to enjoy the studio at your leisure.  You may bring your own “beverages” and food or we can help with catering.  Call for prices and hours.



Can we bring our own food to the 90-minute party?

Short answer – no.  However, if you want to bring a cake only, we can provide table set-ups, paper products, photos, service and cleanup for an additional $75.00.  There simply isn’t enough time in the 90-minute package for food.  But we can squeeze in the cake if you wish.



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